Digital marketing strategy

Creative Corner Marketing will create a simple, but effective digital internet marketing plan to build awareness and get going online which includes:

  • Knowing your target audience well.
  • Control your top competitors and research them to see how they are using digital marketing channels to reach customers.
  • Prioritizing your digital tactics and channels by looking at each digital channel and think about how valuable or important the channel is to your organisation. e.g Do email campaigns drive web traffic.
  • Monthly review to take time to review where your marketing tactics are driving results regularly and adapt your campaigns to take advantage of new opportunities.


Digital marketing is important, if you’re looking to improve processes that drive profitable, growing business. Creative Corner Marketing provides you with more ways to communicate directly, and interactively, with your consumers. Our full-service digital strategies look at all variables, including:

  • Scheduled branding activities
  • Scheduled marketing activities
  • Targeted campaigns with real time results

Event branding

Event branding is a way for events organizations to create an image for their event that portray what the event is, and what the reputation for the event is.

Our Event branding includes:

  • Conference Folders
  • Lanyards and Badges
  • Paper Bags
  • Sponsor Backdrop
  • Holding Screen and Digital Signage
  • T-Shirts
  • Wristbands

Campaign management

Creative Corner Marketing’s team flourishes on conceptualising, completing and measuring breakthrough campaigns. From single platform to fully integrated digital campaigns, Creative Corner Marketing’s digital campaign managers will profoundly understand your objectives, set key performance indicators (KPI) plan and execute across the most effective channels and media.