A healthy business needs an equally vigorous digital advertising strategy that is dedicated to increasing your revenue. Using our high-speed principles, Creative Corner Marketing will build your online marketing campaigns to provide you with:

  • A high volume of traffic on the Website
  • Revenue growth
  • An overall increase in brand awareness
  • A strong brand presence that sets you apart from your competitors

Our team consists of particularly trained and skilled individuals with a proven track record in digital marketing. With fields of specialty that range from creativity, branding and marketing, we’re more than highly equipped to create competitive strategies.

We specialise in a variety of Digital Advertising and Social Media platforms such as:

Google AdWords

  • Google AdWords is a digital advertising service designed for businesses that want to advertise on the Google network.
  • Google AdWords allow you to reach potential customers whether they’re browsing on their cell phone, tablet or desktop.
  • It allows you to track and optimise your ad throughout its progress


Creative Corner Marketing uses Facebook Business to perfectly complement any of your online advertising campaigns. Our social media experts ensure that your ads are noticed and constantly optimised for maximum performance.

With Facebook you can:

  • Reach your audience on smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets.
  • Maximise adspend by reaching the people that matter to your business.
  • Use custom audiences to promote leads and build loyalty.


Creative Corner Marketing uses Instagram to drive business results. We create a unique visual expression of your brand’s identity on Instagram, and provide a strong opportunity for audience engagement with your business.


Creative Corner Marketing will create a dynamic Instagram campaign to ensure you take advantage of the platform’s benefits, which include:

  • Local and international awareness
  • Website conversions
  • Mobile app installs and engagement
  • Reach and frequency
  • Page post engagement


People enjoy to watch video clips online.

As part of Creative Corner Marketing’s service offering, we use YouTube to measure the performance of your video marketing efforts. This includes monitoring traffic, views, subscribers, shares and audience retention.


YouTube business account will be directly linked to AdWords, making it easier to advertise on the video-sharing channel for your business.

  • Viewers who watch complete YouTube ad are 23 times more likely to subscribe to a brand channel.
  • Even viewers who don’t watch the complete ad are still 10 times more likely to act.
  • YouTube is easy to share, meaning that your marketing campaigns can reach more people even quicker.


Creative Corner Marketing brings you Twitter campaigns as part of our complete digital management services.

The campaigns we create are fitted to your growth target , from increasing website traffic to building brand awareness.

Twitter Is excellent for marketing and advertising platform as it:

  • Allows you to reach your audience by targeting them based on interests, gender, digital device or users.
  • It spreads your messaging by targeting keywords in people’s tweets.
  • All Twitter ads display on both mobile and desktop applications, which gives your business the chance to be seen on more than one digital platform.

Email marketing

At Creative Corner Marketing, we use our knowledge to innovatively reach your consumers using both new and established channels.

This is by modifying email formats for mobile-friendly navigation, using emails with more contextual and interactive data, and infusing it with personalised content.

Creative Corner Marketing builds and manages a subscriber database for your business while collecting new and relevant data.


Innovative messaging

  • Every email you send to a customer can be classified as email marketing, whether you’re sending an ad, a request for business or soliciting sales and donations.
  • Email marketing is an effective tool for building loyalty, trust and brand awareness, and allows you to reach target markets at a lower production cost and lead time.
  • Creative Corner Marketing creates a data driven emailing marketing campaign for your business, which provides incredible results that help increase your revenue base.

Public Relations

Public relations is an influential mixture of old-fashioned and digital public relations. In the current’s media scene, a company’s brand requires smart digital communications to match offline productivities. At Creative Corner Marketing, we have a logically disruptive approach – not simply to get people talking about your brand online and offline, but increasing discoverability across channels to meet and modify your target market.

Pay per click advertising

Creative Corner Marketing manages highly strategic Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to bid for visibility in paid search results. PPC is an active way to drive experienced traffic to your website. Creative Corner Marketing manages all aspects of your PPC campaign, from choosing the right environment (from search engines or sponsored listings to YouTube or Facebook), creating breakthrough ads.